Called a “guerrilha” to all modality of military campaign of limited character, which small irregular units use mobility and surprise to attack the regular troops of the enemy, often on the flanks or rear, retiring after for their shelters, usually in the jungle, mountains or other places of difficult access. A type of war that only possible with the support of the civilian population.

This concept of war, implemented in the fields of communication, makes the tools of this type of marketing are usually called arms, each of which has its specific goal, having in common the goal of generating word-of-mouth and spontaneous media, as well as the interaction between people. Among the tools of Guerrilla Marketing can be cited: Astroturfing, PR-Stunt, Urban Guerilla, Viral, Marketing Invisible, Ambush and Buzz.

An act of Guerrilla Marketing, characterized by being an unconventional action, used to spread the brand image of the product or indirectly, with little recourse and very daring.

Large companies have started to use Guerrilla Marketing in its mix of martketing to reach the hearts and minds of your audiences and bring attitude to their brands, since the current society is saturated media.

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